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Welcome to Vail's Igloos

This is the view of the Gore Mountains from the proposed spot of Vail's igloos. We hope you will consider spending a night at 11,110 feet with us.

Epitome of No-Frills Luxury

As long as you consider “experience" as the new luxury, that is... as Bloomberg shared.

Take an adventure, with scenery at its best, in the high mountains of Colorado under the starry sky. The Iglu-Dorf Vail sits 11,110 feet above sea level and offers views of the Holy Cross and Gore Mountains that are otherwise unattainable. The all-encompassing overnight experience is unsurpassable.


It begins with you... get to the top of Gondola One (before Vail installs its planned gondola from Two Elk Lodge) at 5pm. Then journey, via snowcat to arrive at Vail's igloo village around 6pm. Enjoy exploring your room and the area until the 7pm welcome from our igloo staff. At that time hot chocolate, glühwein, and whatever your heart desires will be poured during in a little happy hour with that night's guests until the 8pm dinner. At 10pm for those interested, one of our staff members will lead a crew on a snowshoe hike. Of course, there is even more. Kinda like this (in German) below...

What do these igloos look like, you might ask?

Well, please click the image to the right for a virtual tour of the Iglu-Dorf location in Zermatt. 

It's quite remarkable and hopefully will get you excited for your visit to Vail's igloo village. 



Explore the Iglu-Dorf Zermatt on a virtual tour. No gloves required!

Night in an Igloo

As you can see your experience and memory will be far more than simply sleeping in a sleeping bag inside of an igloo. 


Interested in fondue dinner a little more special (and tastier) than usual? Enjoy amid the igloo's magnificent snow art. 😮

Then, if you're up for it, go for guided snowshoe hike and/or take a dip in the igloo village hot tub.

Location of Vail's Igloo Village

We have a feeling you might like the Vail Igloo Village location. Yes, you will be completely immersed in dark sky... as you are well past 2.75 miles from Vail Village (by the way an eagle flies). 

For the first two years, it's likely that a snowcat will move igloo village guests from the top of Gondola One at 5pm. Then, well, it will be you and the Igloo Village crew until the next morning when a snowcat picks everybody up at 8am.


This image is from the spot of Vail's igloos... looking toward the Holy Cross Mountains. Join us & wake up to this.

VAIL: WE're FUlly Committed

Our Town's Vision
To be the Premier International Mountain Resort Community

Our Town's Mission
Grow a vibrant, diverse economy and community and preserve our surrounding natural environment, providing our citizens and guests with exceptional services and an abundance of recreational, cultural and educational opportunities.

Our Vail Resort's Vision & Mission

To create the Experience of a Lifetime.

In our partnership with the Town of Vail we will continue to build together (and do so more joyfully and effectively each opportunity) to make Vail truly "like no place on earth."


Together we are better.


Thank you all for your support and calling Vail your home or "home away from home." To you we are grateful and the reason we strive for more.

Please Contact US HERE

Stay Safe. Smile. Let's Be Kind to Others.

In Zermatt Iglu-Dorf with my brother - 2020

Overnight stays are also possible in the Swiss Igloo Villages in Davos & Gstaad, and in Austria's Zermatt & Innsbruck, and in the German Iglu-Dorf on the Zugspitze (above the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen).

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