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If you haven't visited Vail in the summer, we invite you to check us out.
There is a magic in the air and there is so much to do. 

is the often shared (and true) adage among our locals.

As crazy as it might sound, even our most dialed-in and loyal ski school instructors agree that summers in Vail might be just as enjoyable or even better that the winters. So, whether you are interested in hiking or trail running, or riding mountain bikes down hill or cross country, or are looking for an alpine environment to retreat and read, or take our gondola or chair lifts for walks among the wildflowers or for picnics in the White River National Forest (this is the forest in which Vail resides), or maybe you are looking for a summer base camp for whitewater rafting through Vail or Glenwood Canyon, or a central spot for exploring the new Camp Hale National Monument which was named a national monument on October 12, 2022 by President Joe Biden for its role in training our 10th Mountain Division for its courageous battle victory in the snowy mountains of Italy during World War II. Or maybe you are yearning for some high altitude training for running or simply want to enjoy dining and shopping in the charming ambiance of Vail Village. Or fly fishing. Or you're looking for Colorado's mecca for kayaking and river surfing. Or maybe it's rock climbing and evenings
listening to music (~3 nights/week) at President
Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater. Hot Summer Nights,
a project of the nonprofit Vail Valley Foundation,
is a FREE annual concert series hosted throughout
the summer at The Amphitheater every Tuesday.
Shows start at 6:30 pm (gates open at 5:30 pm).

On every weekend in July (starting in the summer
of 2027) we will have our new gondola to Two Elk
open and our new hut (with a Michelin star chef from
Beijing) above the most luxurious heated-seat
6-person lift in the world (brand new 2027) in
China Bowl It's an easy hike from Two Elk. 

The Vail Valley is home to some of the finest golf courses in America with designed by the finest including Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, and Greg Norman. And, of course, there are some terrific miniature golf courses for you and the kids with panoramic views and challenges galore.

Ford Amp.jpg
Beyond the immense beauty of biking in Vail (for those of all levels), for our competitive cyclists, the Town of Vail Mountain Bike Race Series returns for its 39th year to offer fun and exciting racing to mountain bikers of all ages and experience levels. And every so often, it seems, the Mountain Bike World Championships are held in Vail too.

        This video is from the channel of the
        "Farm to Travel" family. We hope you enjoy.

Whatever is it that draws you to Vail, we hope you'll join us. We look forward to seeing you!
This photo behind was taken on one of Vail's many gorgeous hiking trails - specifically on the trail from Piney River Ranch to the Gore Mountains and its breathtaking waterfalls. America's 1972 Munich Olympic Gold Medalist in the Marathon, Frank Shorter, trained on the road up to Piney River Ranch along with Jeff Galloway in the months leading up to the '72 Olympic Games. Frank's popular saying "hills are speed training in disguise" was developed here in Vail. It's obviously an effective training strategy. Yes, they trained in the mountains of Vail for a flat marathon race course in Munich. And Frank won that Olympic Gold by minutes.

Vail Mountain Biking Updates: In our commitment to making Vail genuinely one of the finest and most enjoyed places for mountain biking (not just for downhillers) we are bringing on 4 full-time employees in the summer of 2025 to literally work daily on making our trails safer and more enjoyable for all riders. Yes, yes, our downhill trails are in good condition, but there there will be a noticeable improvement coming as we've held off recently on staffing due to cost considerations on Vail Mountain. But on a super bright side, following what we did in Arrowhead with our three new single track "cross country" mountain bike trails which include the glorious Ute, Apache, and Dakota trails (oh, thanks to the great partnership with the Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance and Arrowhead home owners) we will be doing the same in Vail! We'll keep you posted on opportunities to take part in the building of the one (perhaps two) easy, fun cross country trails on/around Vail Mountain. Yes, the Vail Trail from Golden Peak to the Vail Gold Course is part of our major interest in our new trails.

How does the saying go...

Perspective changes everything.

Yes, Vail hasn't run it's ziplines tours since COVID. Maybe we don't again. But let's look into it as a wonderful draw and opportunity for our guests.

Climb Works Designs surely has some good ideas in the evolution of zipline design and canopy tours.

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