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Professional Photography 

We are bringing back our Sharpshooters for on-mountain photos. In the past, this has been a fantastic value add for our guests and brought in $2 million in annual revenue. Due to staffing shortages, we were not able to keep the program alive. 

But, we are listening to you. And you told us you that professional photographers add a great value to your time on our mountain. To do this, we are changing our payment model for our employees. Rather than pay our photographers a flat rate (~$22/hour), we will pay photographers on an incentive basis where they get paid when people buy their photos. It's going to be a little tricky, but we're going to find a way to make this work and we're excited!

Yes, this may take some changes to the pricing models, but we'll do it in a way that seems reasonable. Most importantly, we think our program can again attract excellent and/or aspiring photographers. 


NOTE TO SELF: Remember, the#1 and #2 rated resorts in America still have photographers on their mountains taking photos for people to cherish their time visiting. Thank you for waiting for us! 


So, join us at Vail in 2024-2025. Our professional photographers will help you record on picture paper so you can frame it when you return home!

Our photographers 

will be at the top of Chair 11 and Chair 2 every day.

Vail Reimagined.jpeg

Yes, the printed option will be available again with the Vail logo and year!


Drones are not allowed at Vail. But we are piloting a program with Sharpshooters for drone photography and video. This will take place in the 30 minutes prior to the lifts opening to the public. 


Yes, you can reserve a professional photographer of ours to ski with you during your ski day as well. 

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