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Vail has done so much right - and particularly its Bavarian inspired architecture of Lionshead. If you haven't seen, come enjoy its cozy intimate look and feel. The architectural intent was simply "charming"... with cues from Bavarian and Tyrolian towns. And Vail's architects did a most splendid work. 

I suspect the inspiration for the inside was similar and again absolutely beautiful work. Now, over a decade after opening, might it be an opportunity to contemplate a new restaurant in the space of the "Tavern On the Square" (see more photos on Yelp). One idea is to turn this restaurant into a high-end Bavarian-like beer tavern. Architectural harmony with the new restaurant theme and so much more is in place... so renovations would not be overly complex. The two-tops and the four-top tables would turn into comfortable and inviting bench seating (no more individual chairs). The bar blocking the best view in the restaurant might be moved or reconfigured. And those small windows facing the mountain could be literally be reframed as a waist to ceiling picture window. And maybe, just maybe, we'll paint the ceilings with the color and uplifting feeling that the ceilings in Munich bring to its guest diners.

Currently, the Tavern on the Square restaurant brings in ~$5 Million in revenue. With some confidence, we believe this reimagining can bring $11 Million or greater (even in its first year). And more so bring that magical customer feeling that has everybody saying "this is the place" - you must go! Yes, could very likely bring back locals every night as Lionshead's Bavarian beer hall from the early 2000s did so well. 

Does this transform the Lionshead base area... ABSOLUTELY. “No trip to Vail is complete without visiting the Lionshead Hofbräuhaus” ...where people of all ages come together for drink and great food in Colorado’s most authentic beer hall at the foot of Vail Mountain.


Ask a ski instructor, lift operator, or town employee today if they've been to Tavern on the Square. The vast majority will have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps 10% might say they were there 2 or 3 years ago, but never returned. We can flip that all on it's head... where everybody knows about Hofbrauhaus Lionshead. Those people have been there in the past week AND can't wait to return. 

On the plus side, the current Executive Chef Nicholas Steger of The Arrabelle at Vail Square and The Tavern on The Square, is serving delicious food, so perhaps there might be a way to keep that winning ingredient and pair it with the new restaurant and ambiance. 

See the inside of our current restaurant and our dreams. Can we bring in Gemütlichkeit with its warmth, coziness, friendliness, and good cheer... Yes, super possible. EVERYONE will win. Not just the apres ski scene in Lionshead, but Vail Resorts also. 

Size of current restaurant:

3000 Square Feet

200 seats inside

130 seats on patio

45 more seats on roof terrace

Oh yes, super important, we have businessman/restaurant owner from Texas who runs a large bar/restaurant with a large beer garden who wants to help us turn this around... into the most enjoyed (and beautiful) après ski stop in America.

There is no question that the architecture in Lionshead is quite beautiful. But, it's surprisingly underused or appreciated right now as everybody empties from Lionshead after their day of skiing and heads to Vail Village. Today, 1/8/24, I walked into The Tavern on the Square after skiing at ~4pm to check again on their après ski scene. There were two people at the bar, two tables seated in the front room adjacent to the skiing, and three booths filled. All I could think was, oh my, what a reenvisioned place like a Hofbrauhaus could do to attract the Valley and the country back to Lionshead and what a good/lively scene I would have walked into. In curiosity I had walked into The Tavern on the Square the week between Christmas and New Years to find it a bit more crowded. 

From the very late 90s for about 8 years, Lionshead was THE place that all of Vail descended upon after skiing or working on the slopes. Lionshead had a very large Bavarian Hofbrauhaus-like restaurant (called the Kaltenberg Castle) located in what was the old Lionshead gondola building (exactly where the current Tavern on the Square is now). Every night hundreds of locals plus guests would come and stay for many hours. Women in dirndl and men in lederhosen would deliver liters of beer to the tables. The magic the Bavarian beer garden created worked extraordinarily well in Vail, for good reason. Perhaps we revisit.

The location in mind is The Tavern on the Square in the Arrabelle, Not only is the exterior of the building super "in character" with the look of a great beer Bavarian tavern in Germany, but the interior with its vaulted ceilings and archways is just as striking. And, well, the location offer THE best views in all of Vail. 

Might we look into repurposing their upper deck that goes unused 95% of the time... but, of course.

With good hope.... Prost!

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