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Oh, this is just some super small stuff. But, we'll surely explore... to bring joy and for a whole lot of free fun helmet advertising by kids and adults too.



We are bringing back stickers and celebrations on Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day! Everybody love these!!! Yes, not only the kids. Consider a trip on for Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day/weekend. We'll have different stickers and more each year.


Inner Note: Great opportunity for social media advertising/hype. These quite often get stuck on helmets for year's of free/good advertising and personal ownership/pride display of Vail. 🥳


Might Vail want to consider introducing mini terrain park jumps, junior race course with some type of poles/flag and other features to its Eagle's Nest kids areas?


Of course we will... and if the ski and snowboards supervisors in Lionshead want these added to the Chair 15 ski area to add opportunities for kids to work on their balance on skis and snowboards. & have a little bit of fun in the process... we will make sure they have all the resources needed for this. 

Following the lead of the Red's Rover Trail at Buttermilk, perhaps our beginner terrain park might consists of roughly 25 small and a few medium features. And like in Buttermilk in Aspen these features would include cruisy rollers, hips and banked turns, elevation changes, small tabletop, and sliding features designed just right for our youngsters in Vail Ski School.

image_6487327 (4).JPG

We are birthing two new furry mascots into Vail. In 2024-2025 you will see our new Eagle ('think' Eagle's Nest & Ridge) and Lion (for Lionshead) characters! You will be very pleasantly surprised. They will join our current on-mountain hound, RipperRoo (to the right).

Like Deer Valley (left) we will now have a trio of mascots that we think will add great joy and help in learning opportunities on the mountain. 

Our Eagle (no name ready yet - we will have a naming contest on social media when we're ready for it) will be around the mountain flying on Tuesdays, our Lion (no name yet either) will be roaming Vail's trails of the White River National Forest on Wednesdays, and our RipperRoo hound will be bring smiles on Thursdays. All of them will gather together and surprise you all on Saturdays! 


Above is a post from two of my friends in Italy (yes, they are part of the Italian Olympic Organizing Committee)

Tina and Milo - two stoat siblings distinguished by their different coloured coats - will represent the Olympic Winter Games and the Paralympic Winter Games 2026 respectively.

Their names are the diminutives of the two host cities: Tina for Cortina and Milo for Milano, and though very similar, each mascot has a slightly different nature.

Tina, the Olympic mascot, is a creative, down-to-earth type who lives in the city and loves to experience shows and concerts. She is in awe of the power of beauty and its ability to transform. She is embodied by the phrase: “Dream big!”

Paralympic mascot Milo, meanwhile, is a dreamer. He loves to perform practical jokes and play in the snow, and in his spare time, he invents musical instruments. Nothing can hold back his resilient character. Despite being born without a paw, he has learned to walk using his tail. The sentence that represents him is: “Obstacles are trampolines”. (taken from the Milano Cortina Olympics website)

Yes! kids & Adults like photos with famous mascots 

Like Wolli from our "up-and-coming sister city of Zermatt, our mascots will be very friendly looking. And they will be especially unique to Vail. Wolli and the lion from Disney's Madagascar (to the right) are both examples that we are using for the joy and look of our two new mascots.


Like Wolli, our lion, eagle, and Ripper Roo will spend time each day helping kids with their balance on our new "park quality" agility devices on Chair 15 and posing for photos with our guests (for free, of course), and more. 

image_6487327 (3).JPG
image_6487327 (2).JPG

Yes, our furry new mascots the Eagle and Lion will have stickers to hand out to the kids for their helmets, etc. 

Oh yes, of course, we'll have RipperRoo's stickers too. 

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