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PLEASE NOTE:  This page is used as an idea board. It is intended to help us dream better. Much text is original, but some is taken from other sites.


Ski mountains are judged and remembered on four aspects:

  1. Trails & Grooming

  2. Quality of Food & Restaurants 

  3. Lifts (comfortable and current)

  4. Customer Service (are employees happy & do they genuinely care)

We understand above.

Our commitment is to EXCELLENCE & QUALITY.

. . . and doing things right. 

Wdon't want to simply meet you expectations. We are going to exceed them and bring you surprises you never dreamed about. We're opening the thrill of skiing and skiing Vail — in fresh/different ways — for each one of you. And we're opening more and wonderful opportunities for our non-skiers and those with disabilities of any kind.

Our VAIL 2033 project is a decade-long plan for investments that will make our home even better. This site outlines the foundation of our planning and decision-making for new infrastructure and other future projects that will reestablish Vail as the the world's (and surly America's) top rated ski and summer mountain resort. Oh, yes, we are hoping to return to the world's stage again in 2033 and host (for our 4th time) the World Alpine Ski Championships.

People ask us, how are you really reshaping the game? Well, with every idea we first ask ourselves, does it meet our Vail tagline "like no place on earth" and secondly does it meet our complete/full commitment to excellence and quality. If not, the idea gets tossed quickly. These litmus tests allow us to meet the Vail Resorts vision of creating "the Experience of a Lifetime." 

Of course, we're aware of the challenges of attracting staff for certain roles... and housing them, etc. Over the next 10 years, Vail will be bringing you operator-less gondolas (see below) and RFID tags and bluetooth lift access on your pass/phone (starting 2023-24) is additionally removing the need for lift ticket scanners. We're working with Doppelmayr on both and you'll see the debut in Lionshead on the Eagle Bahn. 

We are going to electrify the world and, of course, our residents and employees. We are reinvesting in our flagship ski mountain and will surprise you every single year with innovations that we will often follow-up and introduce to our other portfolio resorts.

On Vail Mountain, we are bringing you (1) exciting new runs (already approved) in Blue Sky Basin and beyond using the well enjoyed selective cutting of trees like we did for "Cloud 9" in 1999. We are bringing you (2) charmingly beautiful new alpine on-mountain huts/chalets (some quite small and quaint, but all comfy). We are (3) reframing food quality with world-class executive chefs and their culinary staff on-mountain. We are bringing (4a) new lifts unlike anything you've experienced before (heated chairlift seats designed by Porsche to keep your bottom-side warm and "bubble" covers to keep you even warmer and give you a brief rest from wind and sun). And particularly exciting: (4b) Vail Mountain is bringing America's first autonomous gondola.

A comparable, we are well aware of, is the approach of the all-inclusive resorts in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s where average food with great profit margins worked because people came for the unlimited free windsurfing, scuba, pools and views. But, those kind of places didn't stay the desired resorts. The evolution of resort visitor's interests sparked a phenomenon that quickly spread across the globe to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Today's reshaped all-inclusive resorts have dining experiences led by world-renowned chefs plus innovative one-of-a-kind adventure experiences combined with a little luxury.  


As discerning *resort traveler's interests continue trending to high-quality food we think you'll enjoy our new offerings which began in 2023-24 at Vail. And that evolving interest to one-of-a-kind experiences and "adventure" translates to the ski world too. Resorts are opening previous "out of bounds" terrain (now patrolled) often accessed as "hike-to-terrain." Highlands Bowl, for example recently opened "in bounds" terrain — accessible by hiking. In our new terrain expansion, we are incorporating similarly and can't wait to share (hint: #21, #38, #39) and open for you!

We hope Vail's new chapter/era will reinvigorate people's soul and bring that intangible feeling of magic and wonder to one's life. No, we are not taking away the "romance" of skiing Inner and Outer Mongolia and the work needed to access by putting a high-speed lift there. Yes, that "skier's stash" of near guaranteed fresh tracks up to a day after a storm will still be yours. As shared by Sean Wallace, 12-year-old lifelong skier of Vail's Mongolia Bowl, “It’s far and rare, and no one skis there - it's for the locals.” Don't worry we are listening.

Vail Mountain's COO Beth Howard on the conviction of our founder, Pete Siebert, "He was always talking about excellence. And that we should anchor to excellence in all we do. I've never forgotten that."


Highest level: We care for your safety #1, but also for well-being and happiness. Simultaneously we are equally sensitive to the wildlife habitat of the White River National Forest with which we are honored to share this space. The future is very bright. 😁

"Leisure facilities companies often sell experiences rather than tangible products, and in the last decade-plus, consumers have slowly shifted their spending from "things" to "experiences". Leisure facilities seek to benefit but must innovate to do so because of the industry's high competition and capital intensity." —Industry Analyst 

Worlds Finest Skiing - Vail.jpg

In a conversation at Beaver Creek (BC), "I can see why this place is like a secret gem... we had the best time of our lives. Yes, we skied Vail but it was so packed compared to BC and just didn't feel "special" like this did."

OK - its going to take creativity, but it's going to be easier than many might think to bring that intimate magical feeling back to Vail.


Our sensibility is simple. Be very good to our local residents (yes, this includes our employees) and our guests. And give people even more reasons to love and be excited about Vail both on and off the mountain. Our mindset is to think "exceptional" and how we can go "beyond" what we've thought before. We came together as your leaders (with our Vail locals) beginning in December 2022 to reimagine what skiing could be like in the United States. Like we have done since 1962, we will do things differently, with a special newer focus now on intimacy of experience for our guests and yet widening our wonderful ski community simultaneously.  “Like No Place On Earth” and as elegant as it is electrifying.

Vail is known for its legendary Back Bowls, marvelous and consistent snow, and simply the world's finest skiing and riding. Now we're committed to improving the ways you can enjoy it.

Beyond our expansive terrain and snow, we want to also be known for having the best dining of any ski resort. We are going to be pursuing the world's finest chefs to run our newly imagined quaint and architecturally beautiful on-mountain restaurants. Yes, we aim to have a Michelin Star restaurant/chef on the mountain. We're calling these smaller format restaurants "huts" that will be patterned off of ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland. Some will be built with traditional alpine architecture that include gabled roofs and balconies. All our new huts will have sightlines (large picture windows also) to the best views of the Gore Range and Holy Cross mountains. We think you'll like our carefully chosen hut locations. As we shared we're bringing lifts like you've never seen before including Vail's first aerial tram (to Minturn and to Beaver Creek) as we delve more into village-to-village skiing opportunities. 

Do we win connecting our ski area and villages, of course, but everybody does. As long as it's done in protection of our animals. Already, Utah has ski between ability for several of Utah's ski areas, so the whole idea is getting easier and easier. Snowbird, Alta, Brighton, and Solitude are already connected with the same lift ticket. Soon planned to be added to this is Deer Valley and Park City offering cultural shifts of each resort and the many geographical undulations along the way. Their six resorts skiing called ONE Wasatch will offer 18,000 acres and many villages/towns of exploration. Do we stop at connecting simply Vail and Beaver Creek? Perhaps not. Would we even dare considering connecting via a gondola to the historic mining town of Red Cliff? Absolutely, and with very well regulated days of use ski runs and/or catwalks to ski there protecting our wildlife there are numerous wins. 

For those who live in or visit Vail, there is so much to be excited about in our VAIL 2033 decade of dreaming big. It is ALL for you. Please join us. We really look forward to hearing your ideas/recommendations.

We are continuing our transition to become more and more relational and less transactional

Everything we build is being designed to help you enjoy the experience (not just "eat" or get up a mountain on a lift). We hope you'll start feeling the care & vitality that comes with it. 🥰

Just a little Glimpse


Yes, our new GONDOLAS will inspire you! We are working with Porsche Designs on our next.


This could be the view from our SUPER thoughtfully designed new restaurants (this in China Bowl)

image_6487327 (9)_edited.jpg

Yes, our LIFTS will inspire you and keep you WARM. Working with Porsche here too.

Game Creek Lodge

Where we built lodges with less capital, we are rebuilding from scratch: charming, inviting, inspiring.

Innovations are part of the equation that set the tone when it comes to promoting the attractiveness of a ski resort. We will never stop leading the way here—"Vail, like no place on earth"—we think you'll like.

This is a quick visual of our new lifts (we will occasionally work with designers like Porsche as Zell am See did with this tram above), dining, and genuinely charming ski chalets/huts for food or drink that we are planning for your ski adventure. In the meantime, thank you for being part of our mountain family. We are honored to have you with us and hope you will join us in our commitment and excitement for all that is ahead.

Vail is committed to being the gold standard in these categories. We're looking forward to capturing this again. Yes, we will capitalize on it then ... as we continue listening to you, our guests and employees, where our vision and own ideas may have missed something that you might bring even greater value and joy to the world.

Might Vail become ranked #1 in the world again (or at least in the US) ... YES. And in our consistent climb in the ski rankings from SKI Magazine (#14), Conde Nast (#20), and Wall Street Journal (#18) we hope our commitment to quality and excellence is easily noted.






On-mountain chef led DINING


Thank you for making Vail your mountain home and allowing us to serve you. It is our honor and we are committed to doing it better all the time.

Does or will gemütlichkeit (the idea of a place offering that feeling of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer) exist... Yes! And even more so at Vail (and our portfolio of ski resorts). We hope you'll join us!


Stay Safe. Smile. Let's Be Kind to Others.

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